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Fighting food insecurity in Inuit Nunangat and the North


More than 75% of Inuit aged 15 and older experience food insecurity. This is one of the many lasting effects of colonialism that has been ignored for too long. Many communities in the North still lack secure access to safe and nutritious food. The Illunnata campaign was launched to change this.

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Collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous union members and allies was key to this campaign. We led a series of workshops to explore the campaign name, theme, and call-to-action. This input was also crucial to developing the campaign strategy.

The campaign name was a core component of this collaboration. Illunnata means all of us in Inuktut — because all of us deserve food security. The creative process also involved extensive visual research and design iteration.

We engaged several photo journalists in the North to source authentic visuals for the campaign. This focused on telling stories of resilience, tradition, and hope. We put real people at the heart of this campaign.

The first phase of the campaign focused on placing paid social media ads throughout Inuit Nunangat. We started there to collect stories and input that could guide future content. Campaign materials were published in English, French, and Inuktitut.

The multilingual website serves as the digital hub of the campaign. It includes information on food insecurity, alongside country food, Inuit-led, community-based solutions and social media shares. It also provides users an opportunity to share their own stories of food insecurity.

This was a complex issue and we needed a partner who would bring the right voices to the table, and ensure empathy and integrity were woven through the campaign. Emdash exceeded our expectations and produced something our union members are proud to get behind.

Izzy Pouliot, Director of Communications,
Political Action & Campaigns, PSAC

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