A year at an agency is measured in project timelines and fiscal quarters. As one project bleeds into the next, it can be easy to forget to look back and reflect on everything you accomplished in yet another year gone by.

We’ve been operating for over a decade and we still struggle to carve out time to take in our wins, our could’ve-gone-betters, and set goals for the future. So we’ve decided to breathe new life into our version of an impact report.

At Emdash we believe our work can be a force for good. We choose our friends carefully and only work with those that align with our values. We do pro bono work for grassroots change-makers. And we donate at least 1% of our sales annually to charities with causes close to our hearts.

While we’re quite passionate writers, this year we’re letting the numbers speak for themselves in a report that tells a bit of this story and highlights how we try to live our values by lifting others and working to make a difference.

Read Emdash — The Give Back Report.

Your story deserves to be told.

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