Still Thirsty
For Justice

Indigenous communities across the country don’t have access to safe, clean water.


Despite years of promises by politicians, there are hundreds of communities across Canada that still don’t have access to safe, clean water. The majority of these are Indigenous communities — yet another barrier and inequity faced by Indigenous peoples.

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Our task was to launch a major public-facing campaign that PSAC members could feel proud of, are eager to share, and advocate for at work and in their communities.

This started by centering our approach around the message that water is a human right — something that should be treasured and never threatened. From here, we sought to centre real stories from real people at the heart of the campaign

Campaign visuals were rooted in a bold typeface and unique water drop animation. It was important that the visual approach be flexible for a variety of different environments.

Building on an existing campaign slogan, we chose “Still Thirsty for Justice” as it had strong name recognition based on previous campaigns launched by the client. Our team worked with Indigenous filmmakers to develop a cornerstone campaign video to tell the story of the campaign.

This involved travelling to Grassy Narrows to speak first-hand with activists and community members who were on the front lines of this important fight. The cinematic-style video was broadcast as part of the PSAC convention, and included as part of the overall campaign materials.

This was a complex issue and we needed a partner who would bring the right voices to the table, and ensure empathy and integrity were woven through the campaign. Emdash exceeded our expectations and produced something our union members are proud to get behind.

Izzy Pouliot, Director of Communications,
Political Action & Campaigns, PSAC

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